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The vessel of all healing created by G-d is the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a hidden place. In the story in Genesis 1, Adam and Eve were created by G-d and placed in the Garden of Eden. The snake fooled Eve into eating from the forbidden tree and they were forced to leave the Garden of Eden and go into the world. The Garden of Eden became hidden from the children of Adam who were born by natural birth. In the Garden of Eden is the highest energy of healing. The mystical secret of employing the energy of healing of the Garden of Eden was discovered by David Wexelman. To know more about David Wexelman see his two websites at World Unity Peace and Progressive Jewish Spirituality.

The Bible relates that the Garden of Eden is protected on two sides by two angels/two energies. To employ these two energies in healing was discovered by David Wexelman for the sake of helping and healing all of mankind. David Wexelman in 1994 patented a machine Visual Stimulation Method Using Levels of Eye Contact for Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders D - Patent application ( US5388994A - Visual stimulation devices - Google Patents, which employs the energy of healing of the Garden of Eden. He also copyrighted a computer program which has Garden of Eden energy healing. An application for a patent was later made but was never completed. David Wexelman Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications - Justia Patents Search. In this patent is the glasses which produce Garden of Eden visual energies and a technique of producing these visual energies through eye movements focused on a cup. You don't have to be a layman to use these glasses or produce the energies with eye movements using a cup. All you have to do is follow the instruction in the Healing Kit.

You are welcome to see these techniques employed in a video before ordering the package:

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An important part of the Healing of the Garden of Eden is to recognize that the healing comes from the blessing of the Al-Mighty the creator of the universe. Prayer is an important vehicle of the healing of the Garden of Eden. You can pray to the Lord in your own words from your heart or use this prayer which I have composed:

Please G-d, the King of the Universe, bring to me and all of mankind the healing of the Garden of Eden. You should give us strength to live and be happy to enjoy all your blessings in this world and the afterlife.

The two techniques used for healing in this video are related to Biblical secrets. The healing glasses technique is related to the story written in Exodus 35:34 which relates about a veil which Moses wore on his face which glowed with light. The technique using eye movements focuses on a cup and is related to the story in Genesis 44:2, where father Joseph used a cup in spiritual healing. Joseph is called the good eye which heals diseases caused by the evil eye.


Rophat - Remedial Preventive Health Attaining Therapies - Lakewood, New Jersey
Rabbi David Wexelman has come to Lakewood on several visits to demonstrate new techniques in healing emotional problems based on sources found in Kabballa mysticism. He has developed and tested techniques which employ sensitivity to visual stimuli through eye contact which have proved to be effective. The Torah mentions that 99% of all diseases have spiritual causes connected to types of Evil called the Evil Eye. His techniques help to neutralize these evil forces.

Chaim Cheskes PHD - Licensed Child Psychologist in the U.S.
The Sinai Holistic healing of Rabbi Wexelman is highly effective and easy to employ whether by computer, healing glasses or changing eye movements using a cup. I recommend his techniques.

Rabbi Tuvya Blau - Chief Chabad Rabbi of Neve Yaacov - Jerusalem
Chief Rabbi of Israel - Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu
Rabbi Pincas Mukdasa - Head of the School of Kabballa in Jerusalem of Rabbi Chaim Vital
Through the innovation of Rabbi Wexelman will be revealed to the whole world the Messiah

Rabbi Meir Stern - Chief Rabbi of Meron
I give my approbation to Rabbi Wexelman to teach and employ the teachings of the Kabballa to the world.

Rabbi Dov Neustadt - Chief Rabbi of the Chassidic community of Nevah Yaacov in Jerusalem
I have seen that the techniques used by Rabbi Wexelman have helped people in our community. I recommend these techniques to others.

Abraham Feld - American Friends of Maccabee Institute - working to help all of mankind and to bring peace to the world
We recommend the healing glasses Mosva Moshe to all people living in Israel and in the diaspora.

The Three Faces of Moses our teacher (Moshe Rabbeinu)

It is written in the bible Exodus: 34
The face of Moses glowed with light. He covered his face with a veil but when he spoke with the Jewish people he took off the veil. After he spoke with them he put the veil on until he went up to speak with the Lord and he took the veil off. The Jewish people looked at Moses without the veil and saw on his face a great light. Moses was the greatest of prophets of G-d the creator. They looked at him from the outside. To know Moses from the inside, which is his secret, is revealed through wearing his veil (which are the glasses called Mosva Moshe) and through studying his Torah. When you wear these glasses which have a mirror on them and you look into a mirror, is revealed infinite light reflections between the two mirrors.

This light is the light of the healing of the Garden of Eden. This is the second face of Moses, revealing the inner light which was known to Adam in the Garden of Eden. The third face of Moses is revealed in this Torah portion, the face of Moses which the Lord the creator sees. Moses took off his mask when he spoke to HaShem. When we pray to HaShem we pray without a mask but from our true heart. HaShem knows everything about us and we are shy even embarrassed.